Howard Lintzon, Co-Founder/CEO Stocktwits

"Social Sentiment, what I like to call the pulse of the markets and the 'human ticker' are a third dimension in the markets.  Price and Volume will always matter but in a mobile and social world, the sentiment from sites like Stocktwits and products like PsychSignal are crucial" - Howard Lindzon, Co-Founder/CEO StockTwits


Sergey Yurgenson, kaggle top-10 ranked data scientist

"Model results may be ground for cautious optimism about creating actionable model based on sentiment indicators." - Sergey Yurgenson, Kaggle Top 10-Ranked Data Scientist.


Dr. Igor Riven, Samsara Investments

"While there is always a fear of loss of information (and control) when looking at a signal filtered through a third party, our tests indicate that considerable alpha can be extracted from PsychSignal's feed, [...], we are quite satisfied with PsychSignal's product." - Dr. Igor Rivin, Managing Director, Samsara Investments
Winner of the 1998 London Mathematical Society Whitehead Prize


"We believe there is sufficient evidence of alpha generation potential in the PsychSignal data feed for it to warrant additional research effort [...]" - Stuart Farr, President, Deltix.


"[...] the accuracy of the 'swing' model is impressive - just look at all that green in the SunBurst view!" - Dave Gerster, BigML.