We're emerging from stealth mode.

Hi everyone,

As many of you will surely note, we've been deliberately staying off radar for a while now, working in the background to build an unrivaled "#bigdata #marketsentiment #artificialintelligence" technology platform. In short, we dropped off radar so nobody would know what we're up to. Stealth at its finest.

Well, I'm happy to announce that we're changing strategies.

You might have noticed that we just refreshed our website. Voilá! There's a plethora of whitepapers there... we've been busy, and trust me, there's a lot more cool stuff to come. We have been busy on the technical side, breaking barriers, inventing technology and working on the "world's most robust sentiment mining big-data artificial intelligence platform in existence".

We've been staying sleepy in the background for a number of reasons, which those of you corporate strategists out there will understand. We wanted to work on our projects in secret, and have been layering technology on top of technology, while backtesting with some of the top-flight scientists and universities in the world like University College London.  We've been busy producing a suite of game-changing technologies and products we we are going to be starting to unveil...  and get ready because we're about to hit the afterburners. Stay tuned, because there will be more on this soon.

On the current events side of things, you might have read that last week our partner, Quantopian just landed an agreement worth a Quarter Billion Dollars (yes, you read that right... $250Million) from Steve Cohen of Point72 to make larger allocations to more algorithms selected from the @quantopian community. Why is this important? Because we're a data vendor to Quantopian, and we're allowing this incredibly important community sample our data as the preferred #sentiment data provider of choice. Our sentiment data powers the Quantopian communities algorithmic trading strategies, and Cohen's commitment just brought those algos to the limelight.

On that note, if you're a Quantopian user: We want to hear from you.
GET a free sample of our Trader Mood Data Set sourced from both StockTwits and Twitter here.

Regarding our new website, be sure to check out our Quant Library for a ton of studies to learn more about what #sentimentmining means to #algorithmictrading.
So far on the website we have links to 25 whitepapers already, all of which dive into the mind-bending quanty details of market sentiment, each in its fantastic way. 

With respect to whitepapers, if you are a member of the academic community: We want to hear from you. Contact us to learn how you too can get trial data just like the Quantopian community.

Our goal right now is to communicate clearly to our target audience in technical terms that trading professionals will understand, which is the language of whitepapers and case studies. We are first building our brand on a rock solid foundation of facts and proof instead of hype and promises. We are also going to make our story come alive to the general public as well and will be releasing a series of case studies over the upcoming few weeks which will make perfect sense to the non-quant community.

However, if you are in fact a quant: We want to hear from you.
To GET a "QUANT STARTER KIT" which includes tons of whitepapers and even CODE which allows you to recreate the results of our internally generated case studies to you can jump-start your results, just visit our CONTACT page and click the little checkmark at the bottom of the page.

I can't tell you any more details quite yet, but suffice it to say that the results we're getting in from our HIVE-MIND, HIVE-BOT and HIVE-NET studies are incredible.

Here's a massive hint: "Did you know: market PSYCHology SIGNALs future market moves? PsychSignal Data unleashes the Power of the Bull and the Bear."

Well, you're about to find out what we mean.

On a managerial side note, we're about to start moving fast and have a ton of relevant data, trading strategies, products, case studies and whitepapers about to go live. If you're a member of the technical journal press or financial press, who wants to get ahead of the story, contact me directly through the link at the top of the "PRESS" page. I'll get right back in touch with you and give you the inside scoop.


-Over and Out.